Frustrating problem with no video feed

Oct 18, 2018
Okay so i picked up a small Inspiron 660s from someone who said that the "hard drive crashed" for like $20. Take it home and i get absolutely no picture at all and no signal on any monitor from the computer. Here are some diagnostic notes that may help:

Seems to start up and CPU fan and GPU fan (when installed) both spin and keep spinning, and the hard drive makes normal drive spinning noise. I can test the CPU in my other 1155 computer build to see if it functions.

1) Tried reseating both RAM and CPU. Tried unplugging all power connections, inspecting them for damage and replugging.

2) Tried both VGA and HDMI on multiple monitors

3) Tried using a GTX750ti to bypass onboard graphics

4) Tried messing with all manner of CMOS resetting, removing the battery for a bit, and just generally messing with all the various jumpers in various configurations.

5) No beeping sound on turn on, or flashing light past the initial start up light, but will beep twice every few seconds if all RAM has been removed. Doesn't start up if cpu is removed.

6) Hard drive was plugged into a working computer and works fine aside from a "caution" note on CrystalDiskInfo. I forget the specification that was worrysome but i can look it up again if anyone wants.

Kind of at my wit's end here. I would love to turn this $20 PC that is largely in good condition into a working machine for my parents. My guess is that maybe the PSU is damaged or the MOBO, but why would the system seem to turn on if either one was shot? I might buy another machine for cheap and swap the PSU/mobo but i don't want to put any more money into this than i have to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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