FS: Arch Rivals in Xenophobe cabinet (not tested in a long..



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I'm being forced to move, so its time to purge some stuff....

I have an untested Arch Rivals in a Xenophone cabinet. I bought the game
6-7 years ago. At that time it worked. I put it in UHaul storage right away,
and have no way to test it now (well, if its a requirement, we _could_
transport it to the parking lot outside my apartment and run a cord, weather
permitting, but I'd rather not, since I don't have a lot of time). Now I
need to empty the space.

I don't know what its worth, but the cabinet alone seems interesting. And I
haven't done any research recently... if I remember correctly, these all had
weird 49-way joysticks, right?

I'd like to get $250 or B/O. This needs to happen soon, so make an offer!

The game is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and you would have to
arrange pickup.

Michael Blout
Portsmouth, NH