FS: Killer Instinct 2 in London, Ontario



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I finally have my Killer Instinct 2 officially for sale. It's in a
beautiful dedicated cabinet and works and looks really super. It has a
nice 25" monitor, clean side art and control panel and great sound.
This was originally a Beastorizer conversion that I've painstakingly
converted back to KI2. View photos here: http://tinyurl.com/4ozbm

The Beastorizer jamma conversion kit is available here:

The KI2 has a slight scratch on the left side near the monitor that you
can see in the photos. There is also a slight scratch on the right side
near the bottom. There is some minor paint chipping from the edges of
the coin door where a security bar went and on the front near the
bottom where you would expect such chips to be. The marquee has a
crack, but it's hardly noticable. And there is a small blemish in the
t-molding on the left side of the control panel (like a cig burn). It's
also missing the coin door locks and the character moves bezel card.
I've looked for a source to replace this bezel card, but can't find
one. Maybe one will appear on eBay someday soon.

It is in very clean condition and is solid as a rock. I've only
outlined the very minor cosmetic problems it has so that you'll know
exactly what it's like. It really does look great and would make a
perfect showpiece for any collection or would be good for **cough**
mame **cough**.

I would like $800 (Canadian) for this unit. And I know I could get more
than that on eBay.

I'll be happy to deliver this item within SW Ontario (anywhere between
Toronto - Niagara Falls - Windsor) for $125. Or I'll deliver it to the
Starburst auction in Toronto on April 16 for free. If you're in London,
we can discuss delivery options. Although, I'd really rather have
someone buy this who will pick it up.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested if you need more photos.



Archived from groups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting,rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace (More info?)

By the way, London is approximately a two hour drive from Buffalo, NY
and Detroit, MI - certainly not too far to drive for such a nice game.
And with the exchange rate, this would actually only be about $650 US.

E-mail cooke[at]jory.ca if interested.