FSB setting causing trouble


Oct 16, 2004
After running Prime95, with 166mhz FSB-setting for my CPU, i get the "ERROR: ILLEGAL SUMOUT
Possible hardware failure, consult readme.txt file, restarting test.", just when i've begun the test.

Now, the strange thing is that when i lower the FSB to 133mhz, then the test runs fine! The thing that annoys me, is that my CPU is capable, according to the specs, to be runned at 166mhz.

It could might be the mobo who is causing it all, becausing when running memtest86, i get errors when testing Dual Channel (2x 512mb) - BUT, when i test them seperately it generate no errors. I have been experienced some bluescreens (BSOD?), with the "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" 0x000000d1, and also some "PAGING SWAP/MEMORY" or something like that.

Anyone who have the slightest clue about this one? Would really be appriceated.

My computerspec is:

AMD Athlon Thoroughbreed 2600xp+ 333mhz
2x 512mb RAM pc3200 400mhz
MSI K7N2-Delta-ISRL mobo
MSI Gf4 ti-4200 128mb
sounds like a RAM problem, try increasing the voltage to 2.7/2.8 and see if this solves the problem

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Agreed, it definitely sounds like your memory can't take those speeds with the current timing settings.

The best way to do that is set your timings to something like 3-3-3-7 to begin with, test it, then speed up a bit more...

Another option is to set that particular board to performance defaults, reset your FSB to 166, and increase the numbers on the memory timings to something close to 2.5-2-2-6

If that works, you shouldn't need to ramp your voltage up to 2.7 any longer, and can drop it back down.

Again, all of this depends on the quality of your memory, so take it with a grain of salt.

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