FSX first build help!


Dec 3, 2012
Hi guys, after years of dreaming about having an FSX rig I'm finally going to get one (Birthday soon) and after years of looking on forums
I've comprised this list:
i5 2500K
GTX 650Ti
Asus P8Z77-V LK
8Gb DDR3 1866Mhz
1Tb 7200RPM
I plan to run addons such as PMDG, Captain sim...etc and addon scenerys and want to achive 30Fps+ on high if not ulra high settings.
I am planning to OC to 4Ghz but I'm not sure if the GPU of the PSU are up to it but being a teenager I'm on a budgit :fou:
So what so we think?
Thanks in advance!
I would do this a bit differently.

If you are going to overclock, go for the 3570K and a CPU cooler, as you need one better than it comes with to overclock with.

The 650Ti is also not that strong. I would recommend springing for a 7850 if you can; you will be much happier with that.

Also, make sure your memory is 1.5V.