Question Ftpm/psp nv corrupted

Jan 28, 2023
Hi Guys

Cant find an answer to this.

I did a new build and get this msg on the first startup.

New cpu installed ftpm/psp nv corrupted. Says i must press Y or N.

The problem is my keyboard is not working and cant push Y.

The pc is running fine it seems with all the parts.

Does anyone know why my kb doesnt seem to be able to work, has anyone had this problem? It is a wireless corsair k57. I have plugged the cable in and the green rgb light is going on and off slowly.

I saw another person mentioned this problem on reddit but no one had an answer. All the parts are brand new.

Aurous b550 pro elite
32 gig g skill
Ryzen 7 5700x
Fury renegade m.2

This is my first time i ever built a pc and as i turn it on i get this screen.

Please help.