Question Fujitsu Lifebook A152 white screen

Jul 12, 2019
Hi Folks,

I was given a Lifebook A152 by a friend of mine. Recently, She noticed, and i did too, that when she turned on the machine,
Straight away she gets no oot menu buttoboot boot menu or keypress info, just a completely white screen.

Now, I've even connected a HDMI cable to my monitor, reset the machine and tried press the buttons keys that it says are for entering the boot screens
but nothing, my monitor doesn't even turn on at all. Now, if i press F8 i think, the white screen will go black for a second, but then back to white.

Now, when booting again, if i press F1 or i think F2, i can remember which, the machine will keep making a beeping noise and won't stop.

Do any of you have any experience this this stuff?

I'm thinking it's something maybe CPU related and not so much display related? maybe ram. I haven't opened the machine yet.

Can you guys give me some tips, things to try.
New here.

Thanks in advance!!!

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