Question Fujitsu Lifebook LH532 -- No Boot Menu, and only one item in Boot Order menu in BIOS Setup

Mar 28, 2020
My laptop is Fujitsu Lifebook LH532. I can't enter into my Boot Menu now via F12. , and in BIOS Setup there is only one item in boot order list even if I plugged in a windows 10 bootable usb pendrive. Previously I found a few items in this list like, Floppy Disk, Usb CD/DVD, USB pendrive, HDD, Network boot.

I have spent a lot of times and tried in lot of ways to resolve this. I plugged out and plugin again the CMOS Battery, short circuit the CL1 and CL2 port, turning on/off the fastboot, enabling the secure boot etc. but everything went in vein. I am frustrated now. Please help anyone.

Now I can neither boot a new OS installer via the pendrive nor can I start the existing windows installed in the hard drive.

[If you don't have any solution then please refer me some blogs or other community who can help me]