Fujitsu Made a Haptic Sensory Prototype Tablet

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Apr 23, 2013
This has applications beyond what I can even imagine. More useful than you or I can think of at this moment. It won't be revolutionary, but it will be helpful.Just for the sake of an example, one usecase would be making games more engaging. Let's say angry birds, (lord knows it's a pretty boring game) just add some feedback, a linear increase in friction as you draw back the slingshot with a sharp vibration when you hit the limit of the slingshot would provide a satisfying mechanic to an otherwise simple game.
I was thinking that just being able to create the feeling of buttons on a flat surface would help touchscreen keyboards.
Precisely what I'm thinking. Tactile feedback on touchscreen displays would be huge. Make a touchscreen keyboard that can fully programmable, rearrange the keys and controls, and get a tactile sensation too? Could be really nice.
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