Build Advice Fulfilling an age-old dream. New build, custom loop.


Oct 13, 2019
Hello fellow enthusiasts!

As promised in an earlier post, I'll start my build log here.

Skip the following paragraph if my background, usage and motivation don't interest you.

Since the age of 14 or so I am interested in PCs, hard- and software, networking and generally IT.
I've always had the dream to build a sick looking, silent, powerful custom loop cooled PC, but eighter budget or time (or earlier my parents consent) wasn't there.
Now, 12 years later, I have finished all of my education and I'm finally earning enough to fulfill this dream and I am stoked about this.
I am an electronics engineer by profession, I do some music recording/production as a hobby (not so much lately), I do a bit of coding (right now I'm investigating machine learning, just out of interest, not professionally) and I enjoy some gaming now and then when time allows it.
So as you see, many of my interests demand an at least decent PC. All the while I off course enjoy silence in my home office.

What: 2D/3D-CAD, software, machine learning, music production, gaming, silence, looks!
Why: Because I want to and also finally can.

Initially, I've decided to keep my old case (bequiet! Pure Base 500) but since I've investigated further into water cooling I've chosen to ditch this case and go for the Lian-Li O11d XL... I know, you've all probably seen enough of this case, but it is truel a solid choice and I dig the looks of it. Also, the hot-swap bays are something I was looking for.
My plan is to build a solid air-cooled system first, make sure everything is stable, then watercool it.

Since I've already started the project, this is my current progress:
  • Lian-Li O11d XL with the EK front distro plate (I wanted the distro to be installed from the beginning to make stuff easier)
  • Asus ROG Strix X570-E (man it sucks that the chipset-fan can't be controlled...)
  • Ryzen 2600 (had that from an old system, gonna upgrade to a 3900X or maybe even 3950X before I install any water-cooling)
  • AMD Wraith Prism (a friend had that laying around, I use it until the water-cooling)
  • MSI gaming X 1080 (already had it, gonna use it until early 2021. I really want a 30-series when they are easily available and blocks are there)
  • Corsair MP600 1TB (was a new buy)
  • Samsung 860 Evo 2TB (was already in my old system)
  • Old Corsair CM650 (not sure... some hefty coil whine on the GPU with this PSU!)
Today should arrive:
  • Corsair Hx1000i
  • 6x Arctic P12 PWM PST
Further, I have an SSD laying around which my father has given me some years ago (he worked with and around mid-range servers). I was a bit bamboozled when I tried to plug in a SATA cable. Found out this thing has an SFF-8639 interface, and since then it was just collecting dust. Now I've investigated further and found out this sucker still costs over 1'400$ and has read/write speeds of 2500/900MB/s. Sure gonna freaking use this, will need either an M.2 to U.2 or a PCIe to U.2 adapter. Any experience with either is welcome!

My plans for the evening are to install the PSU, hopefully get rid of the coil-while with it, and install the six fans (three top, three bottom). Those fans will be the radiator fans once I build up the water loop.
I also have a Corsair Commander Pro in my old system, might use this to control the rad-fans and the pump from a 10k-thermistor in the water loop, since based on my research, the Asus mainboard can't control PWM based on external sensors... (for the case an Asus mod reads this: I am disappointed in your UEFI/BIOS, customization options and chipset fan. This is a ROG product, I demand more freedom!). Another alternative would be an Aquaero 6 LT controller, but I can't freaking find them anywhere!

Not gonna post a picture with this reply, I just have one low-quality smartphone snap, and an air-cooled system with an empty distro plate doesn't look that neat in a case that big anyway :p

I'm kinda happy to share this here, my friends and family aren't that much into computers and while they are willing to listen, I don't wanna bore them to death with this stuff.
Thanks guys! <3
Cheers and 'till later.