Question Full ATX case, no glass, steel surround, left side fan, no right side venting?

Nov 28, 2022
Looking for a full ATX case with no glass, and steel (or aluminum) on all sides (honeycomb OK). Must support 240mm top radiator minimum. With regard to the case walls, I want a Faraday cage around the contents. If there are drive snap-offs in front, they must be metal. Also, I don't want any venting on the right side, but I do want a fan on the left side.

There used to be plenty of options meeting these requirements, but now apparently, most cases are designed for pimping out. (Not a fan of RGB on everything either, but at least before there were still reasonable cases, even with the RGB nonsense.)

The Rosewill Thor V2 case met all of these requirements, but it's OUT OF STOCK everywhere, and the manufacturer can't tell me whether it's been discontinued or not.