Question Full Optimization

Nov 16, 2019
Hi, my online alias is Zero/Zerothian.

I've been a pc enthusiast for many years, and played video games since i was a child. I have had the same setup for quite a while now (about 5 years) and have tried to keep it up to date and done what i would say an average job at it. However I have had a multitude of problems plaguing me over the years that i either found a way to fix them, that i believe worked, but later seems to have caused another problem; or have ignored said problem only for it to show up again later.

Some of said problems are:
Screen tearing
Low fps even though i know my hardware is capable of handling it

Long story short, I am looking for good recommendations to well written/recorded guides, wiki's etc. I am tired of trying to solo figure these things out without other's knowledge as I am not reaching what i would consider to be acceptable.

End goal: reach a well performing system that would be equivalently optimized as a pre-built computer from a gaming PC company.

I would like to attach a perfmon system report but i do not know how to on this site. :confused2: