Full System Locks and restart at power...



Ive had this problem ever since upgrading my system again after previous onboard soundcard blew up my old motherboard.

The symptoms are like those of the guys who have been having World of Warcraft problems, where the entire system locks with no warning and no event viewer logs or anything and the only way to get out of the lock is the restart at the tower reset button. At first i thought ok Wow giving me problems format reinstall no luck, format reinstall and downgrade to 32bit Vista no luck. Its when it locked up on Autocad that was just infuriating but found it unlikey to be software related.

Ive just replaced RAM and the Harddrive and the OS; still random system locks.

Im now down to the last possible options PSU, MB or GFX Card.

So far after many weeks researching ive found others have similar symptoms but not the exact same as their hardware is different. Ive set all the Voltages and timings etc to their proper settings within the bios. Even reset them all numerous times to see if that helps with this lock no luck so far.

System Specs:

AM2+ AMD 9950 Phenom Quadcore Processor

Corsair Dominator 4gb DDR2 PC2-8500 CS 1066Mhz (set to 2.1V)

768mb Nvidia 8800GTX Graphics Card

DFI LAN Party 790FX - B series motherboard

600W Thermaltake PSU

OS: (currently just to try it out) Windows 7 Ultimate

Im just curious to see if whether anyone on here in this hour of desperation has had any problems similar to mine and whether they found it to be defective mobo or defective Gfx card or psu not being powerful enough.
Im really running out on ideas now. Everest showed everything as being at its optimal standards so nothing wrong that side of things. I did notice one thing though it said in the manual it was normal for some systems the Ram is 4gb in size the OS was picking up 3325mb only. So not sure there but only just bought new ram after previous lot was incompatible and advertised incorrectly.

Anyway any help will be most appreciated

p.s. sorry for this long message. Im praying its not Gfx card as that darned thing cost £350 when it was new and already spent like £1900 on this Desktop don't really want to spend anymore :(

p.s.2 Incase anyone says its windows 7 causing the problems ive tried XP, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit and Windows 7.

Even the Novatech guys said that this system should all work together so im gobsmacked :( somethings faulty or messed up somewhere .....


okay so after adjusting the CPU clock from its default settings again to its actual proper settings (clock speeds and the cpu fan temperature settings) the motherboard is now giving me 8.8 on the debug screen located on the motherboard.
Usually is FF meaning fully functional. 8.8 found out is possible CMos is mixed up solution being to reset the CMOS (already done that 5 times with both Cmos jumpers (2 located on mobo)) the other possible problem causing the 8.8 this is what is making me worried + also rather pissed off it could be the "motherboard is defective" if thats the case then ffs spent all this extra money for no reason. Well will keep this post up when i return the motheboard for a replacement if the mobo is the reason for this crap ive been through to try and fix it then i'll remove this post if it isnt the fix i'll update this post..... and probably cry.

Not a happy bunny.