Question Fullscreen gaming issue


Jun 7, 2019
Hello and good day everyone!

So I'm having an issue with gaming in fullscreen, I'm currently using a tv as a monitor, the TU8000 samsung tv to be exact and whenever I try to set any game that supports hdr to fullscreen, the game becomes extremely dim and the settings like picture mode is locked out, however if I set the game to windowed fullscreen or borderless, the color remains and the tv settings are there, usually I've been using it as such as a workaround (playing in borderless).

However I'm currently playing star wars jedi fallen order and the windowed mode doesn't work, its performance drastically reduces in windowed mode, so I was hoping there is a way to fix this issue.Yes I know this TVs hdr isnt really good and that's why its dim, but why is it even enabling when my hdr settings on windows is off? And is there a way to take off hdr completely? And why is it only activating in fullscreen? Sorry for the longest post just trying to be detailed as possible.
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