Question Fullscreen mode ruins my recording software freeze and crash?

Apr 11, 2019
when I play games in fullscreen mode (not any windowed) my recording software freezes in loading screens and eventually crashes my games and my software and my recorded file as well, file becomes corrupted of somesorts, so perhaps its the fullscreen reason? should I switch to any other windowed modes to avoid this crash? Mind you this happens only in loading screens, like for some seconds screen freezes I see my fps rate froze up as well and then I see my task bar (only task bar, not entire desktop) below of my screen and finally entire thing crashes to desktop without error code. This seems to happens every single game ı play, I use Action! Recording Software because it have pause/resume option during recording and it have fps indicator in game lets me know whenever I'm recording or not. so OBS is completely useless to me.

I will try switching to other screen modes right now but in meantime if you have any advice or ideas, please do tell me,

EDIT: I learned PCI EXPRESS link state power management can be the source of this problem, I will switch to off, see what happens in loading screens, I will let you know the results.
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