Question Fullscreening certain games will cause my screen's brightness and contrast to change?


Jul 25, 2020
I've been having this issue since I slammed my keyboard a few months ago. I'm pretty sure this might be a shortcut but I haven't been able to find anything on it.

Playing certain games in fullscreen mode will now cause my monitor's contrast to increase to the point where I have to restart (It's actually unusable after this). In addition, print screening certain tabs on Chrome (only certain, I think it's only bright ones?) will cause this effect to be applied to those tabs, making screenshots look bad and sometimes removing necessary detail from my print screens.

If anybody knows anything about this, or has any possible solution, please take the time to ask. It's caused a lot of headaches for me and to have this fixed would mean the world.


Specs (in case they matter in this case):
Monitor: electriq 32" QHD HDR 165Hz FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor - eiQ-32CVQ165VAFSGH
GPU: GeForce 1660 Super (MSI Ventus XS OC

(As I'm not an expert on what specs matter I've only listed these two. If other specs are required please ask and I'll be happy to oblige!)
have never worked with or seen an Electriq display.
provide a link to manufacturer's product page.

if it has an OSD menu you can access;
calibrate colors, contrast, etc yourself and save a custom profile if you can.

also disable any fullscreen optimizations,
any other settings that differ from windowed to fullscreen,
or anything that is listed as "Dynamic".

it sounds like there may be some automated settings in place that may have gone haywire.