Build Advice Fully New Build - probably not for gaming

Nov 21, 2020
I made a parts list here: and would appreciate any comments/suggestions of alternatives or mismatches that are over/underkill for my wants.

My primary uses: Photography - lightroom/photoshop; CAD - sketchup and 3d landscape design; some video editing

I don't anticipate returning to the days when I gamed on the PC...

Wanting to keep the total cost excluding monitors around $2500

Key wants
  1. paranoid about backups, so would like RAID 1 or 10. Currently I have cloud backup, local external, large dedicated harddrive using daily sync/clone, but thinking I'll return to raid redundancy on this build. 6TB is enough storage, so the picklist is 4 6TB drives
  2. want a quiet(er) system
  3. would like a case that is easily cleanable with removable dust filters
  4. planning to try water cooling on cpu
  5. wanting the speed of nvme storage
  6. unsure about a graphics card, mostly I want to drive 2-3 displayport monitors for photography (BENQ typically)
I've built systems since the 90's every 5-10 years but last build was just a new board/cpu/psu in an emergency about 4 years ago.

Windows 10, US located

I'm partial to AMD, and typically have used ASUS motherboards.
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