Question Fully reset computer through BIOS?

Dec 1, 2020
Is there a way to do something like a factory reset from bios. I've had a problem that whenever I boot there's a black screen but I can still move my cursor. I've tried dozens of solutions on other forums and online and nothing seems to work and I just want my PC back. I'm not too tech advanced so some solutions I just can't understand or work out. One other problem that somebody said might be causing it is that my hard drive could be dead because I plugged in my computer when the power switch on the back was still "on." I don't have a second PC to test my hard drive but would taking it out and just running off my SSD fix it? Back to my first sentence is there a simple way to just fully reset it through bios, I don't have any important files on my computer so I'm willing to do it to have my PC back.
Is there a way to do something like a factory reset from bios.
that depends on what you mean exactly.

if you just want to reset the BIOS back to it's factory optimized default settings, yes.

if you want to "reset" any installed OS or applications, no.
this would have to be accomplished outside of the BIOS.

you would want to create a USB Windows installer, following: