Fun multiplayer games, that I haven't heard of?



Ok. So I'm trying to find a really fun game, that's multiplayer, and it's never really been heard of. Like SA-MP, San Andreas Multiplayer, nobody has really heard of it. There's a total of like 4000 players AT MOST. I'm trying to find something I haven't played before. I've played most games. Minecraft, GTA, TF2,COD,WoW,D3,SC2, and almost like every other game that's popular. This goes with my friends too. I'm trying to just find a really fun online game that'll keep our attention for ever, and we can play with each other online too. So if you could PLEASE help me out, please post some suggestions if you know of any games like this. Thanks <3!


Sep 6, 2011
World of Tanks, great fun and free to play! Although later in the game you're almost forced to paay for the premium account (not that expensive). The game gets updated very frequently with new tanks and maps.


Jun 5, 2012

Hey, I actually just got on here to tell people about a closed Beta for a game I'm working on with my company, Demiurge Studios. It's a PvP shooter (2.5D side-scroller), and since it's closed Beta not many people have heard of it yet. It's called Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings (it's set in the same universe as our recently-released Shoot Many Robots, another MP game you may like if you'd like a Metal Slug/Borderlands mashup). Anyway, if you're interested sign up for the beta HERE, and give your friends your unique reference link (that way, I can make sure you all get keys at the same time).



Aug 14, 2012

Try Moon Breakers. It's a fun first-person dogfighting simulation where, depending on the game mode, you either blow international players (yes, international-your computer may have a hard time processing Russian usernames) to hell in a spacecraft while defending your mothership, a gigantic carrier armed with multiple turrets, just blowing up other players without going for the mothership, or capture the flag of sorts where you try to capture a module from the back of a carrier and return it to a drop point on your own carrier. It used to be that if you wanted to seriously play, you'd have to spend money on the primary in-game currency to buy ship models and secondary currency boosts, but now they release certain ship models for everyone to play in a weekly rotation. It's getting bigger (it used to be just a Google Chrome app but now it's on Steam in addition) but still a relatively small-time game. If you have Chrome, look it up in the app store. Here is the trailer link:
And BTW, there are generally many more players in-game at any one time than the trailer depicts. Take it from a guy who plays at like one a.m.
Hope to see you in flight!
P.S. I don't work for Moon Breakers. I'm just a veteran player who thinks very highly of this game, so if you hate these types of games, disregard everything I have said.


Jul 27, 2012
Alliance Of Valiant Arms is an excellent free first person shooter, no campaign but it has death match multiplayer, zombies, disarm c4 games, even robot enemies. Definitely the best free FPS game out there in my opinion.
Trust me, it's really fun. :D


May 19, 2012

just started playing this is awsome!