Funny question, but could get interesting


Jul 29, 2003
Well, ATI and Nvidia have now released their top graphics card candidates. 9800 Pro and FX 5900. I'd like to hear some thoughts on what the next series will be, if anyone has some inside knowledge, or even just some ideas of names that would be cool for the next cards. I.E. Radeon 10,000 or FX 6000. Hell, I'd like to see a total change in name. Enough of Radeon and GeForce, let's have a mind blowing new badass name that represents the true wake these new cards will make. They've had these names for a while now, and quite frankley, I'm a little tired of just new numbers added for each new card that comes out. Let's hear those thoughts!


ooh! ooh! Me too! Someone tell us what they know!

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