Question Further Windows 11 Updates for "current" PCs


Mar 29, 2022
Hi. So recently I updated my PC to Windows 11 22H2 and whilst there aren't any problems I've noticed throughout the updates my CPU has been slowly using more capacity for more Windows based tasks like Windows defender (Antimalware Service Executable). Whilst I do know how to disable Windows Defender will this trend of later Windows Updates causing higher component usage continue?
In the previous version of Windows 11 my PC idled at about 5% usage and stayed around 20% for general use (like web browsing, etc....) and peaked at 70% usage for most of my games (rarely hit 80% or higher except in spikes). Now it idles at around 2% - 4% but when I start using it for general web browsing, etc.... it spikes to 50% - 60% usage for a while before going back to 20% usage.

Current Specs:
Alienware M15 R1
CPU: i7 8750H
iGPU: Intel UHD 630
Dedicated GPU: RTX 2070 with Max-Q (8GB)
RAM: 16GB RAM (2x8GB 2667mhz) - Plan to Upgrade to 32GB (2x16GB 3200mhz)
Wifi Card: Killer AC1550 (160mhz)
Storage (customed): 250GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD, 1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD


Take a look in Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and Process Explorer to learn more about what all is running.

Process Explorer (Microsoft, free).

Take a look at what resources are being used, to what extent (%), and what is using any given resource.

May prove helpful even if you only have some information from Windows 10.

At least you will be able to keep an eye on any changes in component usage over time.

Check Task Scheduler as well. Something could be being triggered therein as well.