Future Graphics 100% Real life?

snow cakes

Jun 1, 2009
I was wondering if you think in the future, (whenever that could be), if graphic engines can reach so high that it will look like your watching a real movie. I always wondered if that could be possible. Imagine playing a game like battlefield, but its like your actyually there?


Jan 2, 2008
If you are talking about the graphics in general then heavy ray-tracing can get us damn close with some good developers, but the monitors will hold us back too.

As for virtual reality, it is a cool idea but from what I have heard so far there is no actual safe way to do it. Apparently the entire idea is unhealthy.


Nov 11, 2008
"future" is a silly thing, the future could be 5 years from now when we get super high resolution OLED displays, or x years from now when computers are integrated into our bodies and a display is a direct link to our brain.

Obvisouly the dispalys we have will hold us back but there is no reason they wont change.

Eventually I have no reason to think that games and artificial reality won't be more vivid than the real world. There is nothing particularly special with our brains. They are just a computer in thier own way. Eventually tech will surpase them and it will be come trivial to fool them with a la matrix plugging in (I don't like the matrix, its vision of the future has too many logical failings and inconsistencies. But everyone knows what plugging in is because of the movies)

Sci fi is a good source for some fun futurist thinking. Then there is always Ray Kurzweil's work.


Dec 1, 2007
I think in the near future they will do away with traditional displays altogether and bring in:

An Eye tracking low power laser baseed display that beams the game world directly into the viewer / viewers eyes.

The Eye tracking component can follow turns of the head and movement of the eyeball and adjust the gamers view of the gameworld as they look around.

2 versions of this tech can be used - or just used in accordance with available space in the uses home, or in bigger Game Studios...

The Laser display could be used in from any range and in a bigger setup than the avg home user would have, can ustilise multiple displays in a large game room that could keep the player imersed in the game world no matter which way they turned or walked

The same tracking tech could be used used to follow eye movements could also be used to track a weapon being used be it a gun or sword.

imagine the next step in various fighting games like Soul Caliber like this would work especially well with advance AI fighting skills programmed with real martial arts abilities or multiplayer games ^^