future intel chipsets


Jul 16, 2007
Hey all

Quick question,

I currently have a Gigabyte X38-DQ6 with a Q6600 (333 x 9) and 8GB RAM (DDR-2 667), 3 TB HDD, 8800 GTS 512 running Vista 64. My wife is asking for an update on her machine (4800 X2, A8n32-sli, 2GB RAM, 1 TB HDD), and i will give her my DQ6 and Q6600 and get something else.

Will the X48 be the last 775 chipset released by intel before the swith to Nehlem or is anything else comming down the intel pipeline that will support 775

I known that nvidia is doing something with integrated graphics running a quasi-sli with a descreet GPU installed




Mar 23, 2007
Considering that the only future CPU's that intel have planned before the Nehalem hits would be a better stepping on the 45nm cpu's that they have just released i would think not.

However, we must take into account that the x38 and x48 are both designed for enthusiast markets... leaving the last mainstream chipset to be the P35 which although new was released in June. Judging by the tentative release of H2 of 2008 for the Nehalem that would make the last mainstream chipset ~12months old which is a long time.

Final thoughts i believe that P35 should be the last mainstream chipset (dont be suprised to see one fill the gap although shouldnt be anything to surpass x48).