Futuremark Releases 3DMark for Windows RT

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May 17, 2011
[quotemsg=11726383,0,976621]Isn't this kindof pointless, considering there is only one company that even produces RT computers?[/quotemsg]
Futuremark was probably pretty much done with porting the benchmark before all the OEMs dropped RT. Besides, it still makes a good cross platform benchmark to compare the performance of the Surface 2 versus Android/iOS tabs.

Also, considering that Microsoft plans to merge Windows Phone and WinRT in the next couple of years, WinRT isn't going away just because Microsoft (and Nokia, though really that's just Microsoft again) is the only one producing WinRT tabs. Also, it's quite possible OEMs may pick up RT again in the future.


Sep 20, 2012
I prefer REAL GAMES with benchmarks in them, than this synthetic junk that is easily cheated. I wish they would just go to direct game tests only for testing gpu type stuff. But yes, RT is dead. Until MS starts selling Surface in Ipad like numbers, it's over. Nobody will rejoin a 900mil loss machine.
I think RT will disappear now that Intel is capable of producing energy efficient x86 chips. How did they not figure RT would be a fail? It looks like Windows 8 x86 but can't run x86 software. It's expensive.

I know they had to compete with Apple, but how did they not see this was a really bad idea. They should have put in a slightly heavier battery and had an x86 tablet from the start rather than go down the RT path that EVERYBODY knew was a bad idea.
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