Question Futureproofing/best gaming build(s), what to wait for


Feb 24, 2015
I am thinking of building another pc once black Friday and cyber Monday are around. My current build is about 5 yrs old, I did upgrade to a 3050 but some games lag (cult of the lamb and Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep) even on very low settings. Sometimes feel my 1050ti would've been better off for some games, but my other components are old and not sure if I should be using a cooler (not currently using one) and if that's a possible issue.

My ram is 2133, most of my games are on a hdd that are only 5400 rpm, my windows on my ssd, not sure if upgrading it would help much and the best ssd is 2 yrs old according to Is that the best website to use for finding the best components? What's the best website for finding the best motherboards?

Ddr5 ram I'm seeing mixed reviews, what I want the most from ddr5 is ecc and I see mixed results on intel allowing ecc on their 12th and 13th gen cpus, but might be certain versions of them. I like that ecc supposedly will tell you that the ram failed and it's not another component. If you can't, then I'm thinking about going with amd/nvidia, but I hear there are incompatibility issues with games and windows 11.

What all things should I get? What things are coming out?
If you insist on ECC RAM, you'd likely be limiting your motherboard choices.

And I'm not sure you'd get the best gaming performance with ECC.

What's your best reason for wanting ECC?

DDR 5? Maybe if budget allows it.

Motherboards: make a list of the features you need. Find the models that have those features and support the CPU of your choice. Then search for reviews of those on your list and within your budget. Then hope you have good luck after the purchase. Quality control isn't top flight.

If building from the ground up, I'd certainly try to avoid spinning drives entirely unless forced into it for budgetary reasons.

Intel and AMD will be coming out with new stuff before year end.

Pay attention to power supply, case, and cooling within your budget. Maybe you've got that all covered already?