Fuzz occasionally when plugged into the front panel.


Jun 26, 2008
I have a Creative X-Fi Titanium 7.1 Channle PCI-E sound card. It works perfectly when plugging headphones or speakers directly into the rear ports of it. And it usually works fine with plugging the front panel of my case into it, but every couple of days or so while gaming or even just watching youtube videos I'll get a big fuzz in the sound. I'll then just restart the pc and it goes away and doesn't come back for a few days.

It's definitely the front panel connection that does it, it never happens when plugged into the card directly, and I've had this card in two different cases with two different front panels and it fuzzed on both.

It can't be a connection issue can it? I've plugged it in pretty well, although the place you plug it into on the card doesn't seem very sturdy. But if it was a connection issue, why does it only happen on some days, and why does it go away when restarting?

I don't want to have to plug my headphones in the rear of the case. The case is too big and the cord isn't long enough.

Any ideas?



Apr 20, 2010
This is normal behaviour for front panel audio ports. The fact that the audio wire is external to the chip and travelling across the system means you get EMI (electro-magnetic interferance) from it. There is not solution except to invest in wire shielding or buy a longer cable for your headphones.