FX-8150 going over 65°C on stock clock OCCT test


Jul 21, 2012
Hi guys. So I recently had some issues with my PC freezing/BSOD'ding, etc. I found this to be for two reasons: one, my thermal paste had all dried up, and two my OCZ Agility 3 SSD was being a *****. After a few days, it died on me (second one/ never EVER buying OCZ again, got a Kingston HyperX 3K replacement).

So I replaced the SSD, and applied a new layer of thermal paste (after cleaning off the older layer). Now, the problem is this. My idle temps stay between 43°C and 46°C. This is inside a fully air-conditioned room (with the temperature set to about 20°C at all times). Now, I dedided to run OCCT a few times, just to see what it does on stock speeds. I wanted to know the highest temp it would go to.

On stock speeds, with absolutely NO tweaking of voltages, speeds, etc, it hits 65°C, and it would go higher I'm sure, but I set the cut-off at 65 in OCCT. I'm using the stock cooler. But, this isn't normal, right? I have NO overclocking at all. I thought it might be the thermal paste I applied (TG-2 Thermaltake), 'cause when I first got the chip, I was able to get it to 4.13GHz without going over 68°C. If I went above 4.2GHz though, then it would start burning up.

But now even at stock speeds, it's going really high. Any ideas on what I should do?


Jan 13, 2012
First verify your temps with another software program. (HWmonitor, AMD overdrive..anything other than what you are using now)

If your temps are accurate, and you are running new, properly-applied thermal paste, then look into a replacement CPU cooler.


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