FX-8350 M597A R.20 Stock Settings and Performance

Jan 5, 2019

i have the following System:

M5A97 R2.0
AMD FX-8350 (had a FX-6300 before and swapped it cause i got the new one for free)
Corsair Vengeance cml8gx3m2a1600c9 2x4GB (don't ask me why i bought them in the first place because i think the 1600's are the wrong ones)
Corsair SF600 80 PLUS Gold 600W Power Supply
Nvidia Gefore GTX 780 TI

So after swapping the CPU for the "newer" one. I wondered what the right BIOS Setup would be. Because i dont really know how to get the most out ouf this system without overclocking it too much and i think that leaving all on auto will be a brake before stock performance is reached? I dont wanna swap the RAM, just wanted to set everything right to get the most out of it as it is? Sorry for my bad english btw.

Any suggestions? i couldnt find any page where bios setting are found step by step (just for the frequencies)

Thanks in advance!

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