fx5600 laggy performance help


Oct 2, 2001
i just got a abit fx 5600 and it runs abit laggy playing games does anyone know how i can fix this? my games ran real smooth with my geforce 4 ti4200 .i cant understand why this knew one with better specs is running like crap.

can any one out there give me a few tipws to get this thing running up to speed.


Did you come here previously and asked for advice, and got told to for a 5600?
If not, you only fell to nVidia hype, you were a fool in other words.

Dude, the FX5600, is WORSE than the Ti4200. It sucks badly, and yes it does not perform any better unless you choose to play with AA and Aniso.
Return it man, fast. Your Ti4200 is worth more, and instead, I recommend you go for an upgrade with a 2x performance ratio. That means anything higher than a 9500PRO, otherwise you shall notice little.

Your choices are:
-Radeon 9700
-Radeon 9700 PRO
-Radeon 9800 (pretty much the same as the 9700 in performance except in AA and Aniso)
-Radeon 9800PRO
-geForce FX 5900 Ultra.

They are arranged in order of cost. I personally wouldn't buy the FX5900, it has been proven to performance overall much less than the 9800PRO, has questionable DX9 performance and is littered by nVidia recent trashy drivers.
The 9700 is the sweet spot IMO, it has excellent Price/performance, longevity and has honest DirectX 9 compliance. Only thing as usual, is drivers. However generally, a fresh system rid of nVidia drivers will have it work well.
The 9700 costs 220$ at most, and I bet you paid the same if not a tad less for the FX5600, which is dishonest pricing by the retailers, made to fool people.

PS: If you did get recommended to buy the FX5600 from someone here, tell me who it was, I'll shoot that person alive for such hideous advice.
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Oct 29, 2002
5600 has DX9, but less performance than TI4200


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Jun 3, 2003
I wanted to buy the 9700non-pro but found out 9700pro runs at higher voltage therefore higher overclockability, and I don't have the guts to do Voltage mod on the 9700 non-pro.

I hate Computers! I could only overclock my Barton 2500+ to 2580mhz(vcore 1.65). My Radeon 9700pro core/mem speed won't go above 410/720. I really hate computers!
I agree with eden, I'd only add that an FX5600Ultra Rev.2 is a good upgrade to.
However, they're right, the performance diff. is only noticeable in the above cards (except for AA/AF where you would see some small value) so an R9500Proo/9600Pro and FX5600Ultra R.2 aren't worth spending anything on to uprgrade from a good GF4ti.

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