[SOLVED] fx6100 bottleneck a rx580?

Aug 13, 2018
I bought a rx580 4GB sapphire nitro+ and i dont know if the performance is just bad or the gpu is getting bottlenecked by my fx6100. for example in R6S i can only use 2300mb vram and have just 70fps. if i switch to ryzen will i have more fps and better performance?


Apr 18, 2014
Yes you'd have better performance with a Ryzen 5 2600 or a Ryzen 5 2600X I guess which are a better match for that card.

As far as games go there are other factors such as at what resolution you want to play and what games you want to play. I suppose by R6S you mean Rainbow Six Siege and I'm guessing you can probably get around 70-80 (maybe even occasional 90) fps if you want to play that game with that graphics card and a Ryzen 5 2600/X at full HD (1920x1080) with graphics settings set to ultra. Maybe around 30-40 fps, give or take, at 2560x1440.

Anything higher than that resolution for that game (at ultra) would not be really playable or 'acceptable' I guess with that setup.

You didn't mention what resolution you play at but if you're playing at FHD and you're getting around 70 fps I would say that your current CPU is not really bottlenecking that GPU in that particular game with whatever graphic settings you have set. Unless the graphics settings are not on ultra or anything like that which I think is the case here. I don't think you can get 70fps with that CPU on ultra at FHD.

Bottom line is all things considered having a more up to date CPU/architecture (e.g. Ryzen) won't hurt I guess.

You can make a better choice if others have post their input as well.