G from an hd 5770? Good idea?


Jul 11, 2011
Hey, i know this has been posted before but there are a few questions i would like to ask. Ok, from what i can game at right now, the fps im getting, should i upgrade from my hd 5770 and what is a good upgrade?

I currently have a 1600x900 monitor, i play in windowed mode at either 1366x768 resolution or 1280x720, ill use 1366x768 for average frames.

(my card is a non ref HIS 5770, overclocked with trixx to 960mhz on core only, any higher, it stays at 960 clock for me, which i dont like, i can get to around 1050 stable)

(all maxed out settings at 1366x768)

Metro 2033- i get ~20-40fps
Battlefield 3- ~45-70 fps
Crysis- ~20-45 fps
Crysis wars- ~30-45fps
Crysis 2- ~50-85 fps
Battlefield bad company 2- ~55-100 fps

Im wondering if these fps is good enough. im auttually looking for arguments against upgrading. But tell me whats your opinions. Should i upgrade to something like a gtx 560? or should i keep my current 5770 card for now? If i should upgrade, what card should i pgrade to. (kinda wanna go nvidia this time. Not bias or anything, i just want a variety)




Jul 10, 2011
Whether or not a frame rate is good depends on the type of game you're playing. For highly menu-driven games like Disgaea or pretty much any SRPG, even 5 fps is sufficient enough. However, for games that require fast reflexes, then you don't want to drop much below about 40 fps.
A game that is playable will have a frame rate of 30fps , if you get 40fps you are doing good and you can enjoy the game. To get between 40 and 60 fps then you are at the level of play that is very enjoyable and you will have great visuals and very smooth gameplay. So for what you posted for fps it looks like Metro and cyysis were the most troublesome and the others were good. If you just want to upgrade because you want something new that is certianly your option to do so. I would go with a GTX 560Ti or a GTX 570 , you will get better fps with either one but of course the 570 would get higher than the 560Ti. I don't know what your budget amount is and what you want to spend for a new card , but Evga just released a very interesting card you could look at and Evga is saying it gets 25 to 30% better performance than a GTX 580 for less money than a 580.

EVGA 02G-P3-1569-KR GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2Win (Fermi) 2GB 512-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card $519.99


Like I said I don't know what you want to spend so this might actually be out of your budget range , but you can check it out anyway.