News G.Skill Trident Z5 RAM Rockets to DDR5-6800 at C38

TJ Hooker

Right now the best bang-for-buck DDR4 seems to be something around 3200 MT/s CL16 to 3600 MT/s CL18. These new GSkill kits (this article and the other linked article about DDR5-6600) are already getting pretty close to having the same real CAS latency as those DDR4 kits, but with double the speed. I don't remember DDR4 hitting twice the speed as then-popular DDR3 kits with the same latency right from the start like this (could be mistaken though, wasn't following the DDR4 rollout too closely), seems promising? DDR5 kits in general will obviously cost more than DDR4 for the first while, curious to see how these GSkill kits (and other kits with similar specs) will be priced vs baseline DDR5.
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@peachpuff .. yes and no. Compare speeds and capacities DDR4 5333 $300 16GB 2x8B kit vs DDR5 5200 $300 32GB 2x16GB kit. However, yeah DDR5 is going to be extremely expensive for the foreseeable future. I got my hopes shattered on an ASUS ROG Glacial Z690 with a $2K price tag or nearly double what I had hoped.