Question G-Sync compatibility with FreeSync through Thunderbolt DP adapter ?

Nov 22, 2022
I'm wondering if I can use a FreeSync monitor with a G-Sync GPU through HDMI or through an adapter (USB or Thunderbolt) that provides a DisplayPort.

I'll be receiving a AOC U34G3XM/EU 34" 21:9 monitor which supports Adaptive Sync at 144Hz (FreeSync Premium certified). I'm planning to use it with a laptop (Asus UX550VE) with a discrete NVIDIA GPU (GTX 1050 Ti) which should support G-Sync and only has one HDMI port. The monitor is not certified by NVIDIA to be compatible with G-Sync but many such monitors have worked regardless since 2019. FreeSync is only supported with NVIDIA GPUs using displayport, but some report success with HDMI as well on other setups. I expect I'll be able to turn G-Sync on in compatibility mode, but I'm not sure if I'll need a DP connection and if I can get that working through an adapter (USB or Thunderbolt).

My questions are:

  • Is it reasonable to expect at least some G-Sync compatibility using HDMI (version unknown, might be 2.0b or 1.4)?
  • Is a DP port provided by an adapter equivalent to a built-in port?
  • What sort of adapter should I be looking for? (The USB ports are 3.1 Gen 1. According to the laptop's specs the Thunderbolt 3 ports support up to one 4K UHD external display each, but the controller isn't even showing up in Device Manager, and I have no peripherals to test whether it works.)
  • How will Windows determine whether it'll use integrated or discrete graphics with that port, should I be worried about this at all?
Thank you so much for your time!