[SOLVED] g sync monitor 144 hertz


May 7, 2016
so i bought a new acer predator xb1 24 inch its an amzaing monitor but realy expensive
so we got this gsync function wich is amazing but when i use it the monitor goes insane and chages the refresh rate like 100 times per second this is because fortnite its fps chages rapidly as well
my question is if its safe for the monitor that the refresh rate chages verry quickley when i say verry quicly i mean verry quickly


Yes what it was designed for, millisecond decisions on what the achievable frame rate is. Though that says you don't have your settings right for the game you are playing.

If you want maximum FPS and minimum input lag then just turn G-sync off and treat it like a regular monitor. All sync types add some input lag, though G-sync is fairly minimal in that regard.

G-sync (and all other types) is to prevent tearing by giving the GPU control of the monitors refresh rate and only drawing at the beginning of a screen draw. So if you are bouncing above 144hz syncing is off anyway.

If you enable V-sync and G-sync, G-sync will not allow the frame rate to exceed the set refresh rate (it would stop at 144hz, and syncing would on all the way down to the minimum threshold, 24 on most G-sync panels I think) Below 40-FPS I believe G-sync panels switch to adaptive V-sync as well, which will show the same frame multiple times to prevent tearing.

You should tune your graphics settings so that the gameplay falls between what you consider playable and and the top end of the refresh range, if you want to avoid tearing anyway.

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