G1 Assasin 2 or Rampage 4 Extreme


Dec 24, 2011
First time poster long time reader here

Simple question, Which should I choose?
I'm building a new Rig based on a LGA2011 Intel Core i7 3930K CPU (that's set in stone)
But I am at a crossroads on what board I prefer to run with it

Its a choice between the ASUS Rampage 4 Extreme
or the Gigabyte G1 Assassin 2

Price is a not an issue, I will be overclocking, my Rig will be Custom Liquid cooled
It will mainly be used for Gaming, Programming, 3d engine work
I am a bit of a performance freak but not a super hardcore overclocker
I will be transplanting my SSD's/HDD's and Pair of ATI 5970's (least till i can afford 3x 7970's)

My problem is that the R4E is a better overclocker board and has available motherboard waterblocks (which gets rid of the only real problem being the noisy PCH fan) but if i go for that board I will have to buy a new Sound card which will probably be a X-Fi titanium Series (or Recon3D if they're any good)

But the G1 Assassin 2 has the SB 20k Sound chip on board plus the Killer E2100 network as well, but no waterblock for that board

Currently I'm leaning towards the Asus R4E
but i would like some opinions, especially from people who own either of these boards



Sep 8, 2011
Only four DIMM slots on an X79 board makes me wonder and many people have had issues with other Gigabyte X79 boards being DOA or having messed up BIOS's I don't own either but I would say Rampage