g1 sniper b5 unlock cpu voltage ??


Dec 24, 2012
hello guys i wondering how my g1 sniper b5 unlock cpu voltage.. from 1.2v and up.. cuz i knw that the g1 sniper b5 has a b85 chip set and has a limit of 1.2v in F9 bios. but when i trying to oc my g3258 from 3.2Ghz to 4.5Ghz with a normal vcore volts to get the maximun voltage. it register 1.25v according to cpu z.. and have a stress test in real bench for 30 mins no crash .. then i try to push it more to 4.6Ghz but it crash ..so i check the voltage and try to set in 1.3v and it register. and im wondering how that happen.. cuz. the first time id try to increase the cpu voltage its just stock at 1.2v .. even i type 1.201v it will go back to 1.200v ... haha...

so i boot my system and load to windows with 4.6Ghz and 1.3v and stress test for 15 mins using real bench.. and it pass, but my temp is not good.. max=84 min=29 value=69 to 79deg. im using H50 liquid cooler . planing to change to H100..
i also try to boot 4.7Ghz with 1.375v to windows but not to stress test . just watch youtube for 15 mins to test with no crash and the temp is around 61=value 31=min 66=max. I'm afraid to stress test my cpu to 4.7Ghz without a better cpu cooler

so my question is.. is my motherboard has a problem or you can really unlock cpu voltage .. of this motherboard


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