Question G1.Sniper B7 boot loop no bios

May 21, 2020
System specs

G1 sniper b7 motherboard
I7-7700 and g4400 (for updating bios if needed) stock cooler
Corsair vengeance 16 gb 2133 ram (2x8gb)
MSI 1660 ti
Samsung 860 evo ssd
Ocz 750 p
Nzxt h510 case

I am having and issue where my g1.sniper b7 board will not boot into bios show a display or power peripherals. When you power up the board all leds and fans come on the rear exhaust fan does stop shortly after startup the system will run for 15-20 seconds power down and then repeat the process in a loop by itself.

I Have tried all the common steps ie: breadboarding,reseating cpu, different ram slots ect ect. I even have swapped all components to another board all were fully functioning in the other board. Oh and to the best of knowledge no bent pins in the cpu socket.

I am at a loss and so frustrated Idk what could be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am about to get the hammer (jkjk) but I have no more ideas is it a bad board is there anyway to tell ?

The only thing different about the swap was one board is a 4 pin cpu power and the new board is 8pin which I have if one of those 4 were bad would that possibly cause the issue ?