Question G273QF vs MAG272CQR

Aug 5, 2021
Two optix MSI monitors 27 inch both 165hz GSYNC COMPATIBLE, I checked both monitors comparison and reviews everyone says they are both good. the mag27 is a bit expensive in where i live but im still confused on which would be better for gaming and normal use. I would be happy if u tried one of these monitors and can give me how they perform
so its worse?
many users prefer a VA panel,
many others prefer an IPS.

you'd have to do your own research and compare similar screens in person to see which appeals to you more.
going to a local shop, a BestBuy, or similar is the best way to compare the different options different types of panels provide.
watching YouTubers, reading reviews, and taking possible fanboyism on forums does NOT give you an actual first-hand view of the screen and which may be more comfortable and\or better looking to yourself.

with similar specs like this,
personally i would much rather have an IPS with a quicker response time.