Question G29 vs T300 RS GT


Feb 19, 2020
Hi there. Does somebody of you maybe bought/are using these wheels?

I want to buy one of these but I don't know what's better.
G29 is cheaper but T300 RS GT is better. also I read a lot of threads with T300 RS GT reliability. My friend bought T300, I belive it was 9 months ago and it's working without any problem.
Could you help me guys with good choice? Every thread about T300 was from 3 years ago and I don't know is it still true that this wheel breaks down often.


I'd get the Thrustmaster wheel/kit if I were you, as an one time investment since you're getting what you pay for in terms of internal hardware and build quality. People with the G29's tend to add some bits and bobs to it to help make the gear shifter and the overall experience better. Though I'm curious what will you be pairing the wheel to? A console or a PC?
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