Question G41MT-S2PT MoBo - Is it in need of replacement or BIOS update to try and resolve ongoing USB port issues?


May 31, 2014
I have an older GigaByte MoBo [G41MT-S2PT] and have some issues related to Ubuntu Linux 64-bit OS and ongoing USB port loss. I use a programming platform called Arduino IDE that requires serial USB connections to microcontrollers. I can have everything "firing on all cylinders" port wise and then allow a software update to my Ubuntu OS [20.04] and after
the requisite reboot the ports quit working. The ports are not shown inside the 3rd party platform software nor when looked at in terminal mode.
Is this a possible BIOS problem and would it be worth the effort to try to update the BIOS/flash? I have never flashed a BIOS but know it is not without risks.
Or would I be better off just getting a new MoBo?
I have reloaded Ubuntu and resolved the port issues more than once but I now wonder if all these headaches could be resolved once and for all by just getting a new motherboard. tks.
I have the same motherboard (without the parallel port), flashing the Bios using an USB stick is easy, I've done it several times.

You can try it, the motherboard has dual-Bios setup, rumor has it that if the flashing fails the other Bios will take over and reprogram the bad one. I don't know if it's true because I never had problem with flashing the Bios on this motherboard.