Question G502 Hero not detected by Logitech Gaming Software

Sep 15, 2019
So I bought this mouse a few weeks ago and decided to change the DPI settings and RGB with the Logitech Software. Thing is I ended up with Logitech G HUB installed in my computer but never understood how to properly set up different macros. I did a bit of research and found out that people were using another one, the Logitech Gaming Software that has (I guess?) the same purpose as the one I mentioned earlier but it seemed easier to understand so I decided to try that one out. Problem is, it doesn't seem to recognize my G502 at all, the device works perfectly and the G HUB detected it without issues so I don't really know where the problem lies exactly.

Thought I should share how the LGS looks in my screen so here it is:
And this is how I think it should look (taken from Youtube):

Am I doing something wrong here or could this mouse be defective after all?
I tried updating the drivers from the Device Manager but didn't help (and it's listed as HID-compliant mouse instead of G502 hero-something)