Question G502 Need help with my mouse/binds not working properly

Oct 20, 2020
So I have the Logitech G502 Lightspeed and everything was working fine
But since yesterday my keybinds aren't working.
I have the programmable buttons programmed to take out my nades (smoke, molo, flash,etc). And everything was working fine, I've played like this for over a year now (Also had the G502 and G502 Hero).

But since yesterday it stopped working for no reason. I restarted my PC, reinstalled the program, deleted the device on windows, even reinstalled my csgo. Still didn't work. Then I restarted my PC and it started to work again. Then today it stopped working. Someone please help

When I open the console or chat, the mouse types the number which that takes out the smoke (Molo 0, Flash 7, etc) It's just that the game doesn't register it as a key press I guess)

I've also tired connecting my old G502 Hero and I had the same problem

I took it as it was just "pasting" it so I created a macro to "press" the button but still doesn't work.
I don't understand what changed/what happened


*Not a CSGO player
*I am a Logitech G502 user

You have to apply custom macros through the logitech software? CSGO doesn't have a keybindings page in the in-game settings?

Is it possible you inadvertently toggled the mouse (button behind the scroll wheel) to a profile that didn't have your custom macros tagged? Then just by happenstance you got it back to the original profile setting?