Question G75vw upgraded with gtx 980m 8gb not powering on!!!!

Jul 26, 2020
Hello everyone,
So I have been working on a project with my g75vw. I purchased a gtx 980m 8gb from asus g750jya and installed the card. I have already modified my bios with the one of the gtx 670m and the 980m. It was flashed using a external programmer. The bios is working with the gtx 670m, but when I replaced the card with the gtx 980m 8gb (heatsink and all as well) I cant turn on the laptop. When I plug the ac in the laptop, the charger light goes off. (This was first noticed with the 180watts one. So then I taught it was not getting enough power, and I bought a 230watts one. Problem still persist. My motherboard is not bad since when I place back the gtx 670m everything works. Now I am not sure what the problem is. Dreamonic, anyone please help me resolve my issue since I can’t seem to find an answer to it. Thank you