GA-965P-DQ6 fried any ideas?


Sep 26, 2007
Hey guys, ive had a 965P-DQ6 for about 5 months and yesterday installed an additional 2x1gb DDR2-800 modules, turned the system on, it posted, then retstarted by itself. Now all it does is turn on for 5 seconds, turn off, and then back on again in a loop. No beeps or anything. Tried removing memory and all drives but still does same. I'm assuming the board is nackered, but have you ever heard of this happening before!? sounds wierd to me..

I have another, more important question about my RAID setup. I was using the onboard Intel SATA Raid to mirror 2 drives which contain the OS (vista) and all my important files. Is it possible when the new board arrives today (GA-P35-DQ6 ) to plug in the drives exactly how they were on the old system and REPAIR the mirror?? or will i need to back everything up seperately and build a fresh mirror? either way i cant afford to loose any data on those drives !!

thanks in advance!