[SOLVED] GA 970A UD3P - Whats a good PCi EX16 Nvidia Graphics card for for Meetings Video editing? -32gb Ram 750w pwr - AMD FX 4300 quad @ 3800mhz

Nov 4, 2020
Hi Everyone

I have had this motherboard for 7 years and it is fantastic. :)

I just got a new monitor Samsung 34" Curved CJ79 monitor so need a graphics card that supports the 21:9 Qled widescreen format
GA 970A UD3P - Whats a good Graphics card for
Samsung CJ79 3440 x 1440 for
Meetings Video editing? -
I have 32gb Ram -Corsair CX750m pwr - AMD FX 4300 quad @ 3800mhz
The slot is PCi EX16:9
My current video card is an Nvidia GT 610 but there is no 3440 x 1440 setting in there to select for the 21:9
I won't be gaming but have a lot of websites and documents open and Zoom/Webex/Teams meetings.

I am sure I don't need the expensive best, just something that will fit the PCi EX16 slot and is a huge upgrade on my Nvidia GT 610

Many thanks for your advice.