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[SOLVED] ga b150 hd3 dnt wanna post

Yano 25

Sep 1, 2016
Hi I got a problem with my pc my pc dnt wanna post after bios update failed.I did the bios update on my desktop on gigabyte update utility after I update the bios on there it showed bios update fail everything same to still be OK after I restarted and my pc did not post again .But my fans spins and my cpu fan spins loud and the soft again how it always use to but no beep or post and my gpu fans also dnt spin
It's possible the board is bricked by a bad BIOS update. Before we get there let's rule out hardware. What are the full specs? As a general set of first steps, unplug the PC from power and remove the coin cell battery. Try a startup after a minute or two this way. Also try to remove and re-seat all memory sticks (and possibly other internal devices)