Jul 4, 2008
Hello forum.
I'm about to fork out for some components. I have a 9600 GT already, and am thinking about an e8400 as my CPU. As far as mother boards go, I've heard a LOT of good things about the E(P)35 DS3L. But recently the EP45 range has come out. It supports PCI express 2.0 which is currently not that **** hot, but as it's probably going to be another four years before I upgrade again, I'm heavily contemplating getting one. Thing is, it's new, and reviews are scarce. Would they essentially be the same board, but with a 65nm chip instead of the 90nm? Would they have the same overclockability? The price difference is only $40NZ, but I don't want to discover that it has hidden costs that hinder its functionality.
Have any of you crazy cats played around with one yet? Do you have anything to say about them?

This will be my first overclock BTW, but we'll get to that when i have all the bits :D