GA-EP45C-DS3 - dual bios resetting overclocks!


Nov 27, 2008
Hi, I have a GA-EP45C-DS3, and I am having some overclocking issues.
I've got a e4800 and 2gb corsoir dominator 1066mhz memory (which is definately compatible with the P45), and the only way I can get my processor up to anything respectable is by increasing the core voltage to 1.3, and then slowly increasing the fsb until I get to 4.14 ghz, at which point i change the voltage to 1.41. If I add more voltage earlier the bios will automatically reset. My problem being that when I then boot the computer up after having the computer running prime95 for several hours (or even just a reboot) and the BIOS will reset the settings.
Does anyone have any idea how I could go about disabling the 'dual bios' feature to allow me to overclock.
Regards, Matt.

Also I have a coolermaster 650W PSU so no voltage issues there.