GA-K8NF-9 on-board LAN issues


Jan 15, 2007
I'm having an issue that is effecting or caused by the on-board ethernet on this board.

I recently formatted, and after installing, updating drivers off the website, etc I'm having some frustrating issues that never happened previously.

In two games the following happens:
In counter-strike when i refresh the server list to start, after the first 100 or so pings resolve normally the connection becomes lagged, with the latency shooting up to 300 or so.. if i'm in game this will cause me to disconnect from the server, it also caused a complete disconnection of my net at one point. This is unusual, i've been able to perform pings while playing with no issues previously.
I have also experienced framerate lag while doing the refresh.

In battlefield 2142 i am perfectly able to play single player, upon entering a multiplayer server i encounter a hard freeze within 10-15 seconds of loading (no overclocking, memory is error free) requiring a power off. I also installed the nforce networking controller (i believe that's the name) and upon changing the settings from "cpu utilization" to "multimedia" i was able to play for about 10 minutes before the same problem. (i also went through all of EA's tech support with no resolution).

I'm totally lost on how to resolve this, any ideas please post here so i can reply with what i've tried or not tried. I'm thinking of doing an uninstall of the chipset drivers, cleaning them off and reinstalling straight with the newest version (originally i installed off the manufacturer's cd then updated once i had internet access).



Dec 11, 2006

if you didn`t solve the problem: buy yourself a new lan card.

this board has a lot of problems with lan (mine`s doesn`t even install the driver anymore). a separate card solves everything and costs just a few dollars.


Dec 29, 2006
My previous system had an GA-K8N-SLi and the onboard LAN gave me trouble as well which I have no Idea, so I just got myself a new Ethernet card, its not that expensive to buy.