Dec 31, 2007
I've had nothing but headaches since I installed a SATA drive on my GA-K8NS Pro. Now, when it boots, it will freeze at 1) showing the BIOS version, 2) midway through the memory test (around 1.3 GB of 1.5 GB), or 3) while looking for the SATA RAID (which I've disabled and set the SATA to BASE in BIOS). The only solution is to either hit the warm boot button or shut the PC down and do a cold boot, usually three times or more.
I reflashed the BIOS, installed a new CMOS battery, and have switched between booting from the SATA and the original ATA. Even with the new BIOS and battery, I'll still get the occasional Checksum error, and then defaults are loaded. I've installed the latest SATA drivers from the Gigabyte web site but that doesn't seem to make any difference.


It would help if you would list the model numbers of *every* component in your system, including things like the power supply and CPU cooler.
You might also want to run memtest86+ through at least a couple of complete passes to make sure you don't have a RAM issue.